Image of Portal for Sonia Delaunay

Portal for Sonia Delaunay

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Portal for Sonia Delaunay

Dimensions: 33” x 14”

Sonia Delaunay was a Ukrainian-born French artist and designer known for her bold use of colorful geometric patterns.
She arrived in Paris in 1910 and spent decades at the glamorous heart of the avant garde as an artist and fashion designer. She melded her native Russian folk-craft roots with Parisian avant garde. Her experiments with colour and shape became her signature style, simultané.

Although she had much success when modernism was being written about the contribution of women was usually omitted, especially where a woman’s work moved fluidly between art and design. Sonia spent much of her life in her husband Robert’s shadow.
In recent years retrospectives of her work has given her a much deserved place in design history.

This portal is part of a series
The Pussy Party
inspired by Judy Chicago's Dinner Party.
Each an homage to a women artist who has effected me & fueled the fires my creative path. Taking cues from Chicago's beautiful masterpiece honoring hundreds of women that changed the course of history with their contributions, many of which have gone virtually unrecognized for their accomplishments.

Each piece I wrap by hand with much intention & praise to each women meant to be honored. Creating layers of color that evoke each artist's essence for me.

Duality of strength & vulnerability, power & receptivity

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