Home Work

As an artist and primary caregiver at home
My making time often happens in the pockets of time in between 
The illusive synthesis of time and creative flow 
these moments in solitude to reflect and create is a sacred space 
Balancing the elation and frustration of 
time spent in the contaner called a home.

my studio is my home 
My home is my studio 

Home is an altar 
Home is a shelter 
Home is a haven 
Home is a studio
Home is a stage 
Hame is a theater
Home is a prison 
Home is a sanctuary 

My home is a set to play and create the narrative I desire, 
create an environment of imagintation.
My families kitchen table is as much an art space as a dining space 
Our living room floor a art making space
My home life and work life are immeshed 
My home is an art making altar 
Art making is how I process joy, anxiety and pain.
It’s all in the my
conscious and subconscious cauldron.
I stir stories.
The repetition of domestic duties reveal magic in monotony and fluidly
deepened escapism resulting in
rich fantastical, inner worlds being explored.
Harnessing the power of art to transcend reality.

-April Rose