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Portal for Georgia

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This hand wrapped Portal of life conjured as an homage to Georgia O'keefe
color story inspired by
A study of her Flower Abstraction from 1924

36" x 15"

The Pussy Party
a series of Portals of Life
inspired by Judy Chicago's Dinner Party.
Each an homage to a women artist who has effected me & fueled the fires my creative path. Taking cues from Chicago's beautiful masterpiece honoring hundreds of women that changed the course of history with their contributions, many of which have gone virtually unrecognized for their accomplishments.

Each piece I wrap by hand with much intention & praise to each women meant to be honored. Creating layers of color that evoke each artist's essence for me.

Duality of strength & vulnerability, power & receptivity

10% of proceeds from this item will be donated to
Planned Parenthood in an effort to
Support woman's health

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