April Rose (she/her) is an multi disciplinary artist working with clay, fiber, wood, collage, soft sculpture, performance, and mixed media.
Driven to conjure a world to feel at home in she utilizes accessible materials, salvaged and repurposed supplies along with natural materials including elements of nature. Working in themes of mysticism and escapism frequently led by color as a means to heal she preforms, documents and makes marks within her own rituals.

Inspired by folklore and her children's book collection she pieces together a set design of an imaginal realm. She creates sensual pictorial felted fables, builds playful character vessels with clay, weaves otherworldly landscapes and collages utopias. In her work she creates personal mythologies as a healing method of ancestral neglect in her lineage. Featuring shape shifting female archetypes and family members (real and fictional) she creates new narratives of past trauma and opens doorways to deeper understanding of herself and her origins. Additionally she makes paintings exploring symmetry in nature representing mirrors of alternate universes and reflections of dualities in the human experience.