Portal for Louise Bourgeois

Portal for Louise Bourgeois

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Portal created to honor the life & work of artist Louise Bourgeois

Louise Bourgeois was a sculptor known for her monumental abstract and often biomorphic works that deal with the relationships of men and women. She was born 1911 in France to a family of tapestry weavers.
At a young age Louise was exposed to certain privileges but there were persistent tensions in the household, due to her father's mistress, who was also Bourgeois' tutor, residing with the family. She would struggle with her fathers betrayal her entire life.
Leaving her with trauma that would come to inform Bourgeois' autobiographical artworks surrounding family, motherhood, relationships, fidelity, abandonment, the body, and trust.

The artist retained her vitality and creativity well into her 90’s hosting salon discussions in her home for the last decade of her life. Opening her kitchen to young artists to discuss art.

This series of Portals of Life is
inspired by Judy Chicago's Dinner Party.
Each an homage to a women artist who has effected me & fueled the fires my creative path. Taking cues from Chicago's beautiful masterpiece honoring hundreds of women that changed the course of history with their contributions, many of which have gone virtually unrecognized for their accomplishments.

Each piece I wrap by hand with much intention & praise to each women meant to be honored. Creating layers of color that evoke each artist's essence for me.

Duality of strength & vulnerability, power & receptivity

Thank you for looking please note with handmade items variations and imperfections often occur
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