Standing Eye Rays

Standing Eye Rays

$2,400.00 - $4,800.00

Standing eyes with rainbow rays

These art objects are made of painted wood
Measurements of
52” tall
33” across the bottom
6-1/2” deep on the bottom
21-/12 across eye
2” deep at top

Made in So California
delivery limited
inquiry for possibilities of out of state shipping
cost TBD

**Please note price is per eye

Also please note although pictured outdoors these pieces are intended for indoors

Each weighs approximately 30 lbs.

Lots of time & love goes into each handcrafted piece
Variations may occur in materials used

Thank you for looking

All sales final

Please contact for availability
Thank you

Standing Eye Rays Image 2 Standing Eye Rays Image 3 Standing Eye Rays Image 4 Standing Eye Rays Image 5
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Eye full
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